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July 09, 2009



Chapter 1: 14-15
I found verse 14 interesting. I agree with you that God allowed Othniel to capture Kiriath Sepher knowing that Othniel was a good man and the one He had chosen for Acsah. The interesting part comes when Acsah URGES Othniel to ask her father for more land and Othniel refuses. I believe that Othneil was correct in his refusal to ask for more land. I'm sure that he was greatful to the Lord and Caleb. But Acsah wasn't satisfied. She went to "Daddy" and asked for more land AND springs. So Caleb not only gave her more land but the UPPER and LOWER springs. I wonder why these two verses were put in here. They seem a little short on history or relevance. Maybe it becomes clearer later on?
Chapter 2:10-15, 16-20
I agree that the next generation just thought that they were just hearing "stories." The struggle, sorrow, joy and triumph were not real to them. They didn't understand all that had happened. Then in verse 16 the Lord gave them another chance. Isn't this like us as parents--Obediance is what a parent expects of their child. We give them the boundaries and tell them of the consequences, and yet they still test us to see if we mean what we say. So, the child suffers the consequences. Then we give them another chance. We set them up to succeed: Tell them what they need to do to show obediance and of the consenquence if they don't. Unfortunately, after some time they forget how they didn't enjoy the consenquence and disobey, again. Will children ever learn the lessons taught by their parents (or history?)
Chapter 3
I do believe we serve a generous God, but what I find through out this chapter that they had (comparitivly) short times of servitude (8 & 18 years) and long times of peace (40 & 80 years.) It seems that God was giving them the consenquences of their actions, but then delievered them and gave them a second chance to obey. When the generation who had suffered for their decisions and choices passed away the next generation forgot and went back to doing what they wanted to do. Interesting!

Lasso the Moon

Thanks, Tina! I love your insight on God as our parent. Seeing it from His perspective.

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