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January 09, 2009



As I read Ch 1:21, I was imagining how they felt with the new land. God told them not be scared for what is to come. But knowing me I am scared. We recently put our house up for sale and I am excited but very fearful for leaving a comfortable place and going somewhere new. They must of been feeling the same. I love vs 31, but 32 says a lot too. Trust. Enough said right. They were having a difficulty in trusting. I have a hard time with trusting but I know in the end that God knows what he is doing for me. And they will get to the promise land.
Ch3 vs 22 Love this verse. God fights for us. I looked at it too as he fights for us everyday. We experience things every day that Satan is trying to get in our way. But God is fighting the battle for us. Isn’t that exciting.
I really like what you said in vs 26 I did not really think of that verse as two different things.

Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I need somewhere to go and do a bible study, I have not been in the word much and this gets me there. And I have never read Deuteronomy before. Thanks Anna!

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