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August 04, 2008


Jessie Hurst

I love your insight on these chapters. I feel for Sarai and not being able to conceive. As someone who had trouble with infertility I know how consuming it becomes and truly does take over your life. While she chose infidelity as a way to get a child, look at the drastic measures we are willing to take today. It is hard to wait for God's will at times, and this is a good example of what can happen when we do not.

J Potter

Jessie H forwarded me your website and told me about reading through the bible. I put my kids down for a nap at 12:30 and caught up (with no distractions)! God opened my eyes to His Word and I loved your insight. I am excited to read through the bible with you. Thank you for doing this!


I never really thought about Sarai laughing before, but then to lie about it really brings to light that our Father knows the depths of our hearts. We cannot hide anything from him. I like that God still gave a son to Abram thru Sarai even after she took matters into her own hands. What a push over Abram was in this situa

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